The Order

The Order of the Morning Dawn is a Wicca leaning organization that was created to assist others with their spiritual journey. While we have a very specific structure, we strive to meet the needs of all seekers. Below outlines the structure of our Order. While some of us meet physically, others hold meetings online. Monthly and scheduled meetings are held online so that all may attend.

The Council

Our council is comprised of fully vested members of the Order that have been unanimously selected by the council or elected by full member votes.

The purpose of the council is to oversee that the direction and purpose of the Order remains intact and that all elected officers perform their tasks in accord with our purpose. The council is also charged with implementing, maintaining, amending and repealing any policies, rules or bylaws.

Full Members

Full members are those who are in regular attendance at all scheduled meetings, sabbats, esbats and rites for which their presence is needed or requested. Full members are 1º/Initiates, 2º/Priests or Priestesses, 3º/High Priests or Priestesses as well as Elders.

Neophytes / Seekers

The majority of our Order consists of Seekers. Seekers are those who may have stumbled upon our information and have reached out to learn more, those who have subscribed to any of our newsletters or lists, or anyone else who has shown an interest in the Order and would like more information.