Our View of the Divine

We recognize that there is but one Divine Source that permeates everything. Everything that is — is and always has been a part of the one Divine Source, while the Divine Source is and always has been a part of everything.

We know that within the Divine Source flow two currents, one of these is masculine while the other is feminine. This allows for the Divine Source to be completely balanced in every way. Therefore, to recognize the full nature and full divinity of this oneness, we show honor through the duality and balance that is the God and Goddess.

The God and Goddess represent the two currents that together in Union comprise the singular Divine Source. Since the Divine Source is All, the God and Goddess are both separate and units in the never ending dance of Perfect Love and Perfect Trust that we call life.

This view is considered to be pantheistic, unlike Christianity which is held to be a monotheistic view. For us to embrace only the masculine current, God, would be for us to deny the feminine current, Goddess. Doing this, we would be suppressing or repressing half of the Divine Source and this would create an imbalance in both our day to day lives as well as our spiritual lives. The results of this patriarchal imbalance can be seen in many of the problems in today’s world and this is not acceptable to us.

Our view is that there is but one Divine Source and that both the God and Goddess are the two currents that represent and reflect the Divine Source in balance ad duality. While each God or Goddess identity represents one aspect or facet of their respective half of the Divine Source.

Contrary to most opinions, this is necessarily opposed to the Christian view that there is only one God and that no other aspects are to be considered separate from that one God. Our view is a way of both incorporating the Christian view and furthering it in a way that creates and restores the duality and balance that was always meant to be.