Degrees, Offices & Elections

Neophyte / Seeker

This is anyone who has reached out to the Order for further information and has made their intention clear that wish to continue doing so.

To advance from here to 1º / Initiate, the seeker must inform the Order of their intent to become an initiate and if approved by a supporting member who is willing to sponsor and mentor them, will be given probationary requirements which must be met and their sponsor then must put it to vote among the other membership.

1º / Initiate

This member is expected to actively participate in studies and within the Order. They may be given minor tasks in rites and their focus will be to continue learning.

To advance to 2º / Priest(ess), the initiate must show a full basic understanding of the rites and sabbats of the Order, they must be able to fully author and perform a complete rite of their choosing without assistance and after, they must be able to answer fully any questions regarding their choices and design. Finally, the Initiate must be able to demonstrate knowledge of all Policies, Bylaws and Procedures of the Order.

2º / Priest(ess)

This member is expected to help lead, organize and teach or mentor other members of the Order as well as seekers. They are expected to carry themselves in their day to day life in accord with the Purpose of the Order. They must continue their studies and delve into the mysteries of the Order.

To advance to 3º / High Priest(ess) they must have shown their day to day discipline and have learning the fundamental truths to the mysteries of the Order.

3º / High Priest(ess)

This member is expected to carry the best interest fo the Order and its members at all times. They are expected to lead, teach, support, counsel and contribute to the Order and its members. This member also oversees the politics, procedures and such to ensure that “all is as it should be” to best accommodate the members.

This member has shown that in the face of the true initiations of life they have held strong to their faith with Love, Trust, Discipline, Integrity and Fulfillment when it was tested to its fullest. These members are the survivors.

Chair Person

The Chair Person oversees and conducts all council meetings and makes sure that they run orderly and that they are ran in accordance with the Order’s written policy ensuring fairness.


The Treasurer handles all finances, collections and procurements as well as handling the yearly budget and orders in accordance with the approved yearly budget to support the Order, its members and their needs.


All elections will be held on the first meeting following Samhain or the first meeting following the vacancy of any office. Elections are handled by member vote (Majority Rules)