Gratitude Ceremony™


The remembrance of the spirit reminds the soul to thrive.

What is a Gratitude Ceremony?

Gratitude Ceremony was created to bring back the sacred ceremonial way of life through
simply giving thanks for all that supports us in our walks of life.
The ceremony itself is a supported and contained experience that we create ourselves
with participation and trust.

Using simple prayers, songs, instruments, an Altar and our own expressions, we create a
union with the divine self within each one of us.

1. We start off with a prayer to the four scared directions
2. A prayer to Mother Mary.
3. The Smudging Ceremony- there are some offerings of the sacred medicines. ( Sage,
sweet-grass and cedar)
4. We as a group introduce ourselves creating a feeling of knowing and familiarity.
5. Sacred songs of hope, joy, love, peace and gratitude are sung.
6. Water Ceremony
7. I am grateful for ?……..And why ?
8. Special blessings
9. Ending song
10.Ending prayer
11.Shaking hands

The Ceremony

There are many reasons why you may choose to participate in a spiritual retreat or
ceremony. Replenishing your energy, feeding your soul, taking time out, going deeper
into your practice, listening to your intuition, joining others of like heart, letting go of
stress, Self discovery, and reflection are a few of these reasons. The many challenges of
the current times affect us personally, nationally and globally. The mind can easily get
caught in the web of fear, anger and confusion. Going within directs you towards your
inner knowing. You discover the great wealth of intelligence and love that dwells within
you at all times, and this new found clarity brings awareness, stability, and grounding
into your life.

The Smudging Ceremony

A. Cedar is used to cleanse and bring balance to the emotions and to the male/ female
(yin/yang) elements.
B. To clear one’s actions and to promote forgiveness, lavender is used
C. Floral waters are used to remind us of the sweetness of life and nature.
D. Sage is burned to drive out bad spirits, feelings, or influences, and also to keep bad
spirits from entering the area where a ceremony takes place.

The Water Ceremony

The water ceremony is based on water’s ability to hold positive energy turning it into
a magical elixir for our life. We know that human life is connected to the quality of
our water , both with and all around us and that human vibrational energy, thoughts,
words, ideas and music, affect the molecular structure of water, the very same water that
comprises over seventy percent of a mature human body and covers the same amount of
our planet.

Kind , uplifting and positive words are spoken into water by each person who is then
blessed with the water. A seal of light is used to contain the energy left in the water.

The Sacred Altar

An altar is a sacred space where we go to connect the Divine Spirit within us
with the Divine Spirit and the Gods in the Universe. It is that special place that
an individual has chosen to help them withdraw from the busyness of life for
connection, rejuvenation and energy. It can be a small space, it can be an entire
room or it can be outdoors. An altar helps you to personally connect the Holy
within you with the external Divine Spirits which you consider to be Holy. An altar
is that place to which one goes to concentrate their energies for many purposes. An
altar can change with the seasons or it can change to reflect the changes in you as
you experience personal growth.

Altars help to remind us that there is a God or Gods much more powerful than any
human power. It provides us with a focus to think, pray, meditate and listen. It
helps us connect the God within us with the Gods of the Universe.

Our Altar is called a Messa.

It is a native indigenous altar from South America that is used to quiet the
mind and strengthen the focus on the spiritual intent. It is filled with different
representations of spiritual thought and energies that speak about our paths in this
world as we know it.

Feathers are used to clear and renew energies before, during and after the
ceremony. Birds have long been a symbol of the soul. They represent the soul,
flying free of the earth-bound body and seeking the heavens. They Birds represent
a passage between the physical world and spiritual worlds.

Sacred Songs

The Importance of sound and singing for a healthy mind and body.

What is the importance of singing on a spiritual level, emotional and technical level?

Singing God’s name is another form of ceremony. When you open your heart and
lungs to chant or sing the many names of the Divine, a softening takes place. Feelings of
nourishment and love are some of the gifts of this practice. Gathering together for prayer,
storytelling, poetry, or singing devotional chants and hymns are practices found on many
spiritual paths. Coming together in community allows you to focus on finding the heart
of our shared humanity. In bringing these experiences back to your families, workplace
and community, you are able to share this nourishment with the world. The truth of our
humanness is profound and singing helps you stay focused on that truth.

In a healthy body, every organ, bone, tissue, and other part is producing balanced
frequencies that create a healthy harmonic of the entire body. A healthy body is like an
orchestra playing a marvelous and natural symphony, the “Suite of the Self.” We sing
to give thanks for our voice and the power of the word and how our lives can be forever
changed with the word. We sing to once again find our true song.

We sing to return the life we have been given back to the universal consciousness around, above, and below us.

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