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Protection I’m often asked about protection and what can one do to protect themself and their household. I see this same question asked no less then daily on several social media groups as well. While perusing the answers I see others posting I’ve noticed a few things that seem, to me at least, often overlooked. When people are spellworking for something such as a spell jar for wealth, they invest their energy regularly in keeping

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The Hero’s Journey (The Fool’s Journey Revised)

The Hero’s journey is the time old tale of the trials and tribulations we all go through in life. It is a dramatized re-telling of our growth. This growth can be within many different areas in our lives which is why there are so many versions of the story. There are versions that denote the growth of courage, strength, compassion, truth and spirituality. Today there are many versions of this story resurfacing in modern culture.

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Winter Solstice / Yule

This is the time of year when the God who died at Samhain is given birthed by the Virgin or Maiden Goddess in her transition to Mother Goddess. The return of the sun from the longest night of the year signals that the earth will wax stronger for the next six months. The word virgin, which was mistranslated and misinterpreted by the early church, originally was meant to identify a woman who was not bound

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