I’m often asked about protection and what can one do to protect themself and their household. I see this same question asked no less then daily on several social media groups as well. While perusing the answers I see others posting I’ve noticed a few things that seem, to me at least, often overlooked.

When people are spellworking for something such as a spell jar for wealth, they invest their energy regularly in keeping the spell charged, and rightly so. However, when spellworking for something such as protection, bindings, etc. they usually seem to go the route of “one and done”.

The effects of say working a binding, while very strong for a time, would be strengthened by using some energy to charge this binding and reinforce it daily. Same with protection and most other spells.

When it comes to protecting your household there are many different methods and most can be charged daily to strengthen and build up stronger protection. Lets go over one method here.

Simple, yet strong and effective household protection.
  1. Begin by closing your eyes and centering yourself.
  2. In your mind envision the room you are in and begin to move your mind outwards until you can fully picture your property.
  3. Imagine white light descending from the Divine Source, entering and filling you through the top of your head while imagining for rich green force of nature rising up from the earth and filling you through your feet.
  4. Feel that energy mixing and growing inside you until you are completely filled with both.
  5. In your minds eye, use that energy to begin casting a circle around your house and extending out as far as you like so long as you are only casting it on your property.
  6. Cast the circle deosil (clockwise) 3 times while saying,
    “I cast this circle thrice about to keep good things in and bad things out.”
  7. As you cast imagine the light your are full of, creating a burning ring of light for your circle.
  8. Once you have cast the circle, imagine all the light inside you and push it out in all direction to fill your circle and create a sphere of protection.
  9. When the sphere is full of the light from inside you, imagine disconnecting yourself from the flow and leave the sphere where you cast it.

This is a circle (sphere) that you will not break or banish, in fact, you can take 1 minute each night before sleep to repeat the process while laying in your bed or meditating and strengthen your protection over and over again.

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